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message from the president
Fehmi Yıldız
"Either do your job differently
or do a different job."

This saying is most appreciated by those who realize that the age of the organization they work for is older than their own age... Every member of our family knows that working for us is a race of service. In this race that we are running with the effort to reach the best, the common goal of all of us is to continuously improve our service quality.

Our history dating back to the 1890s both weighs heavily on our shoulders and guides our every step as a torch illuminating our path. Today, we are a power that our country is proud of with our facilities that provide added value and employment for our homeland, and our internationally respected and preferred brands.

With the responsibility of being one of the largest companies in our country in terms of production, employment, added value and taxed income, we now have bigger targets. Our products every country in the world, far and near; we create our production values according to global norms. We produce the world's best products in Türkiye and offer them to the world.

Although we have a centuries old experience as our age, our excitement and passion are still as fresh as the first day. We will continue to shape the future for you with our more than 4,500 employees and solution partners who share this passion and excitement.

✺ Fehmi Yıldız
Chairman Of The Board