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  • To ensure the implementation of modern Human Resources practices in line with our goals and strategies,
  • To ensure the employment of specialized staff in line with the needs,
  • To carry out the necessary planning and implementation activities for the training of future staff,
  • To ensure the implementation of structuring and business processes that will ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


To have an efficient workforce that is talented, committed to its company, and embraces Yıldız Entegre values.


In order for Yıldız Entegre to achieve its strategic goals and maintain its leadership in the industry, the Company's mission is to analyze the current and future needs of the organization, to ensure a reliable, fast-moving and proactive organizational structure, and to establish systems to develop the most appropriate human resources for these needs.


Based on the concept of "We are a Team";

• To ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our company, by creating a working environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees, to be the most preferred company in its industry and to maintain this position by developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of the highly qualified employees of our company, which is customer-oriented, responsible towards the society and attaches importance to ethical values, always aiming to win, revealing their potential and ensuring that they continuously show superior performance.

• With our customer-oriented approach, we aim to place the right people in the right jobs, select high potentials within our company, ensure their development in various business branches through rotation practices, evaluate their performance through the performance management system, make career planning through appointments and maintain our long-term cooperation with our employees.

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Code of Ethics

"The rules of business ethics that every employee of Yıldız Entegre must abide by with diligence and devotion have been determined by Yıldızlar Investment Holding Ethics Committee.

All employees at Yıldızlar Investment Holding group companies adopt the principle of increasing the motivation of their colleagues by complying with the rules of business ethics. All Yıldız Entegre employees loyally adhere to and support the rules of business ethics and act in a conscious manner.

The consultation and information mail on "Yıldızlar Investment Holding and Group Companies Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct" was created as a part of this awareness. Yıldız Entegre employees may use this e-mail for consultation or information about their own behavior or the behavior of other Yıldız Entegre employees. All information about the ethical rules and code of conduct of Yıldızlar Investment Holding Group companies and employees can be accessed via this e-mail. All kinds of questions and information are provided by the Ethics Committee. It is the responsibility of the Ethics Committee to investigate complaints and reports of violations of the Code of Ethics and to develop solutions. The Ethics Committee reports to the Board of Directors of Yıldızlar Investment Holding and the reviews are conducted by Yıldızlar Investment Holding Legal Counsel. Reports to the Ethics Committee by employees of Yıldızlar Investment Holding group companies or third parties are reserved. Investigations and inquiries are carried out in confidence by independent experts."

For questions and notifications, you can contact the Ethics Committee members directly through the channels below:


Telephone: (0) 262 316 61 00