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corporate identity

Dear Stakeholders;

Institutions are legal entities with style, stance and character. All of the visual details that make up the image of organizations are represented by "corporate identity", which is the product of a comprehensive study. With this in mind, as Yıldız Entegre, we have endeavored to redesign our corporate principles and approach in all our fields of activity in a correct and effective manner by putting our corporate structure at the center of our business processes. 

We have worked to create a global corporate identity by being aware and conscious that corporate approaches that are widely and correctly applied have value for a sustainable corporate future. Within this framework, we have prepared Yıldız Entegre corporate brand rules under the "Corporate Identity Guide" and set the basic standards for all kinds of visual documents to be used for our brand. 

We offer the promotional activities of our brand in all fields of activity to the service of our valuable stakeholders in order to carry out the promotional activities of our brand in all fields of activity with the standards determined within the scope of "YILDIZ ENTEGRE Corporate Identity Guide" (use of emblem, logotype, color, typeface, etc.) and we hope that this step towards a stronger corporate future will grow and develop with all our stakeholders.

Corporate Identity