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Ağacınİ is now live!

There is Now a New Meeting Point and Resource Site for Designers and Architects: www.agacı, a communication platform that focuses on design and started its publishing life with the support of Yıldız Entegre, is online. The website, where inspiring ideas and projects meet...

ağacı is now live!
in the press
13 April

There is a New Meeting Point and Resource Site for Designers and Architects: www.agacı

Ağacınİ, a communication platform focusing on design and launched with the support of Yıldız Entegre, is now online.

The website, where inspiring ideas and projects meet, will serve as an idea platform where architects and designers can meet on a common ground, as well as portrait and news content with a focus on design.

Ağacınİ, which was designed as an innovative blog with the support of Yıldız Entegre, which continues to work within the framework of its innovative design approach with the motto "Ağacın İzinde (In the Footsteps of the Tree)" and designs its products with inspiration from nature inspired by this understanding, started its publication life.

Starting its 10-point manifesto by saying "for the sake of the planet and humanity", Ağacınİ was designed with an innovative blog approach where original ideas are the focus of design. It offers a 360-degree array of content ranging from inspiring design ideas, architect portraits, innovative projects, news and videos featuring nature, discovery and success stories.

The platform, whose target audience includes architects, designers, interior architects, industrial designers, students, academics and design professionals, is also a common idea platform where people can make their voices heard in the light of comments and criticisms.

From the portrait of the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto to an intimate video interview with Tanju Özelgin, the designer of Galataport; from Wollemiler, the dinosaur trees of Australia discovered in the 2000s, to Biophilic design, original content on 360-degree design awaits its readers at Ağacınİ


Created with a fresh, simple and plain design language, the website offers a user-friendly technology differentiated by special coding, as well as being fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices with its useful infrastructure.

On the website, which has an innovative and avant-garde design approach beyond the classic blog site, it is possible for visitors to easily find what they are looking for and smoothly access all tabs with just three clicks.


Yıldız Entegre Sales and Marketing Director Selçuk Ormancı said, "Design is becoming more and more at the center of our lives day by day. On this platform, we set out with the dream of a publication where ideas and projects come to life by putting the tree at the center of design. We offered everyone in the design world a 360-degree space where they can meet on a common ground.  I think that this platform is a move that will add value to our industry with its innovative approach and vision at a time when design often follows the footsteps of the tree."

For more information please visit our website:

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