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kerpe pe_694

VarioClic Premium XL floorings, which combine a wide surface design with scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy-to-clean, antibacterial and 24-hour water resistance features, offer high-level decoration opportunities for living spaces and medium-density public spaces with different colour and decor options, reflecting the spirit of wood.

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Technical Features
  • Product Name KERPE
  • Product Code PE_694
  • Collection Premium XL
  • Texture Wood Patterns
  • Thickness 8mm
  • Wood Patterns Oak
  • Bevel Derzli
  • Surface Resistance AC4-32 Home and Office Use
  • Surface RGS (XL)
  • Size 1806x244 mm
  • Lock System 2G MICRO
  • Suitable skirting board KERPE [KERPE]
  • Scratch
  • EasyCleaning
  • Point Impact
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