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Yıldız Entegre named "Türkiye's Reputable Brand"

Yıldız Entegre, one of the world's largest manufacturers in the forest products industry, received the "Türkiye's Reputable Brand" registration and award in the wood laminate flooring and wooden door industry as a result of the Türkiye Reputation Index Survey conducted by the Turkish Reputation Academy.

yıldız entegre named "türkiye's reputable brand"
in the press
17 May

The 12th research, conducted by the Turkish Reputation Academy in cooperation with Beykoz University and with the rapporteur of Bursa Technical University, was conducted in 26 regions and 72 cities with the participation of approximately 15 thousand people between 15 December 2022 and 15 January 2023.

According to the results of the research, Yıldız Entegre was named as Türkiye's Reputable Brand in the wood laminate flooring and wooden door industry.

Yıldız Entegre, which dates back to the 1890s and today ranks as the 21st largest industrial company in Türkiye with its production in the door, laminate flooring and panel product groups, realizes its investments that shape the industry by planning its investments in economic, environmental and social dimensions down to the finest detail. With its manifesto 'Ağacın İzinde (In the footsteps of the tree)', it prioritizes our planet and human well-being. It values good design and is inspired by knowledge and creativity. Responding to different needs with its wide range of products, Yıldız Entegre also carries out many environmental, social and cultural activities on a corporate basis and in cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

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