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The Relationship Between Space, People, Nature: Wellness and Biophilia 3

16 September 2021

Section Three: Biophilic Design and the Impact of Wellness

When people are deprived of their need to connect with nature, they lose their touch with their essense. This, of course, has physical repercussions. It also causes stress and difficulty focusing, and has a negative impact on mental wellbeing.


The State og Being Well: Wellness

Everybody faces failures, difficulties, and problems. Stress, environment, and other factors may prevent people from achieving wellness. All these obstacles may make your journey harder. However, it’s better to keep in mind that a healthy person’s aim is knowing how to deal with these obstacles, and not getting rid of them altogether. Because wellness means getting over problems and making an effort to lead a better life.


The Impact of Biophilic Design

Studies show that biophilic design improves office productivity by 8% and improves wellbeing by 13%. This has a positive impact on creativity and encourages continuity. Biophilic design approaches in school environment has even better outcomes. Biophilic design improves learning by 20-25%.


Tips for Biophilic Design and Wellness:

Here are some decors with wooden furniture that create a warm atmosphere and invoke nature!

  • Avanos Walnut is a lively and elegant European fruit tree decor. Its natural details and fine line form gives it an authentic look.
  • Exotic Oak has an equal and natural composition with lengthway cutting lines. This product has distinct pores and striking details.
  • Victorian Walnut serves a veined wooden look and creates a calm atmosphere. Its tightly installed form makes it convenient for furniture usage.
  • Light Zebrano creates an elegant atmosphere.


If you’re going for wooden looks and natural textures for your furniture, make sure to use large-leafed green plants in your living spaces.

Studies show that biophilic design improves office productivity by 8%