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The relationship between space, people, and nature: Wellness and Biophilia

08 June 2021

Section One: Going Back to the Roots


Human health has always been a popular research topic. And lately, health gained a different meaning, and with this new understanding came new concepts: Wellness and Biophilia. Surrounded by the chaos of the city, people started to feel the need to return to their roots, to nature.

Wellness and Biophilia blends holistic wellness and the love of life and living systems. These two concepts offer safe havens in chaotic cities. Designs represent holistic wellness and people get to interact with nature both in their living spaces and offices.

Decoration Tips for Holistic Wellness;

・Bold and rustic Everest from the MDF/PB product group will make your furnitures glow.

・Choosing green for your couches will enhance the naturalistic feel in the atmosphere.

・Alaska Blue can be used in various different decorations. The blue will give your living spaces a soothing feel.

・Exotic Oak creates cozy interiors.

Human health has always been a popular research topic.