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The Relationship Between Space, Human, and Nature: Wellness and Biophilia

13 August 2021

Section Two: Biophilic Design and the Integration of Natural Elements

Humans are part nature; they can’t operate separate from it. Anectodal evidence demonstrates that we are interested in nature and the longing we feel towards nature is gradually increasing. In the light of this information, the design world came up with a solution to move human and nature closer to one another. Biophilic design successfully  integrates natural elements into our living spaces.

Biophilia, Love of Life or Living Things

First introduced by Edward Osborne Wilson, “biophilia” means a love of life or living things. This concept suggests that humans are instinctually depended upon living systems. It continues to gain fast-paced popularity as the urban development and rural depopulation show an upward trend.


Tips for Biophilic Design

・Use green in abundance. Feel the coziness and peace it brings!
Sardunya from MDF/PB product group has a natural surface and offers a peaceful atmosphere wherever applied.

・Roof windows allow natural light to enter living spaces. They also make it possible to stargaze at night!

・A lively and elegant European fruit tree decor, Avanos Walnut is great for indoor spaces.

・Ivys are great at concealing the concrete exterior of buildings. Seeing plants instead of concrete will make you feel better!

Use green in abundance. Feel the coziness and peace it brings!