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Retrofit: Refunctioning

07 June 2021

Chapter Three: Coming Alive, Again

The COVID–19 pandemic confined people to their homes and more individualistic lifestyles. People ended up spending a lot of time indoors. Homes became a reflection of us and gained value. Maintenance and decoration turned into hobbies. The more people spent time working on their homes, the more they received positive outcomes.

Coming Alive, Again

Some tried to invite nature home with new plants. Some worked on refunctioning old furniture and saved them from being forgotten. Gaining new functions with time, or Retrofit in other words, introduced minimalism and practicality.

Art is essential for human soul, and it gained new meaning as people started spending more time creating minimalistic, practical and self-expressive elements to decorate their living spaces.

Decoration Tips and Tricks;

Some old and dusty things have the most pleasant memories. Like record players, wooden radios, watches… Those vintage details will change the atmosphere.

Green plants will make you feel good. They will reduce the stress in the air and add life to your living quarters.

Halic and Atlantis can be used for a rich variety of places from doors to wall panels. When combined with plants, the wooden appearance works wonders.

Yıldız Trend MDF/PB products can be used as wall panels to create spacious interiors.

Green plants will make you feel good.