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Balanced And Holıstıc: Holism

04 June 2021

Derived from the Greek word holos which means entire or whole, Holism is a philosophical approach to design and decoration that focuses on integrity. Holism values the whole over individual pieces, and highlights the importance of balance and harmony in design. Holism emphasizes the harmony between furniture, decorative elements, and accessories. Matt decors and textures are used often. Interiors designed according to Holism fundamentals are soft and easy on the eyes. The modern world individual is able to find comfort in those spaces.

Holistic approach highlights the harmony between furniture and accessories. However, design of decorations and colors are simple and soft. Wooden flooring is an important detail.

Holistic design approach suggests that individuals are bonded to their living spaces both physically and psychologically. The harmony between decors and furniture emphasize the beauty of the whole. This harmonious and balanced design approach brings elegance to living spaces.

Decoration Tips and Tricks;

✓ With its silky matt surface, Mozambik will bring elegance to your kitchens.

✓ You can enhance the state of serenity in your living spaces with candles and incenses.

✓ Offering a perfect matt surface, Ash Grey can be combined with wooden decorations to create a cozy atmosphere.

✓ You can add some edge to your living spaces by using stones on the TV unit, dining and coffee tables.

✓ You can use the matt lacquered decor Sonata to create unique interiors. When combined with light and simple colors, it will look elegant.
✓ Alaska Blue offers a calming color and a perfect matt finish. It will create a peaceful atmosphere.

The modern world individual is able to find comfort in those spaces.