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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Today, which is the heritage of Tomorrow, is shaping up in our hands but tomorrow is the time of our children, not ours. We know that our greatest legacy will be these lands, the sky and the sea that remain to us from our ancestors, and that will remain to our children from us.

 With this vision, we shape all our policies with the principles of sustainability.

We have FSC (Chain of proprietary Certification), which is the world's most valid certificate to determine whether the companies producing forest products are making production with the awareness of protecting the forests or not, is an indication that our products are derived from well-managed forests and controlled sources.

With the energy efficiency investments we realized between 2013 and 2015, we prevented the carbon dioxide emission corresponding to plant 1.300.000 trees.

In addition to the tree planting activities we have carried out on behalf of our institution, we have also given support to many non-governmental organization’s planting activities. As one of our most important corporate responsibilities, we will continue to increase our support for dibbling activities every year and work for a green world.