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Warm And Cosy: South American Trees

04 February 2020

This months #chasingthetree subjects: Aroeira do Sertao, Rose of Venezuela, Caribbean Trumpet Tree… Yıldız Entegre journeys through South America!

Nature’s Cure: Aroeira do Sertao

The colorful Aroeira do Sertao (Astronium Urundeuva) is February’s first guest. Classified as a kind of tala, Aroeira do Sertao is often used in beekeeping practices. It is endemic to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is used for its medicinal qualities in Brazil; it is believed to cure stomach-related diseases. Aroeira do Sertao is very vulnerable against things such as glisofat which destroys plants. That’s why it’s important to create the proper environment for the plant to grow. Aroeira do Sertao draws a lot of attention with its purple and green hues, which are reminiscent of the warm and cosy atmosphere of South America.

Emotion Trigger: Rose of Venezuela

Even though it is endemic to South America, Rose of Venezuela (Brownea grandiceps) is often used across the globe for decorative purposes. It is a small, slow-growing tree. However, its branches grow very long, upto 6m in length. It has a textured body and its color is something between grey and brown. Its leaves are droopy and are ornamented with 12-18 thin and long, spear-shaped formations. When its flowers first bloom, the middle of its leaves are made up of beige spots, mixed with pink and green. As the flower matures, it becomes darker. Eventually it takes a shady green color.  Rose of Venezuela grows in Brazil, Equador, Honduras, Venezuela, and Colombia. It thrives in the optimum heat of 13 degrees and above. It’s almost impossible to grow Rose of Venezuela in colder weathers.

Elegance in Nature: Jacaranda 

Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) has purple flowers that hang over its branches. It is among the exotic tree species, and its name means “nice smell”. It needs warmth to thrive. An deven though it has its roots in South America, it can also be seen in some regions of Australia and South Africa. For example, Pretoria in South Africa, is also known as the Jacaranda Tree/Jacarandaastad because it’s surrounded by Jacaranda trees. Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is immersed in a festive spirit in October when Jacaranda trees bloom.

Warm as the Sun: Caribbean Trumpet

Caribbean Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia aurea) can be found in Suriname, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. It grows up to 8m in height and has bright yellow flowers which have a diameter of 6,5cm. Caribbean Trumpet Tree thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. It has a very decorative appearance.

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