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Transforming Trees into Art 24 October 2018

Focus: Kartepe Facility Melamine Group Leader Birol Konuksever

 The life that Tree has, ends with the cutting and begins again with the carving of wood. The works made by this art, which emerged as a result of, cutting and carving the wooden plates in the desired form, take their place in the museums. Of course, by wood carving objects that can be used in daily life also be made. It demands fine craftsmanship and transforms into a visual feast in skillful hands while being individual and satisfies the spirit of those who love to work independently. This art, which has a long life due to its durability, is quite popular as a hobby today. Everyone who have a carving set can comfortably practice wood carving at home. Wood carving regenerates the tree with the work that is done by those who rely on their hands and craftsmanship.

Birol Konuksever Yıldız Entegre Kartepe Facility Melamine Production Group Leader / Forest Industry Engineer

I've been observing people's lives ever since I was a kid. During these observations, I began to notice the role of wood in the life adventure of people from the cradle to the grave. With this excitement, I began to explore more, read articles on the subject, and watch videos. Every piece of information I've learned has taken me back to the past. Applications that have not been named in the past have emerged as a technique today. For example, the paint obtained from the plane leaf, opened new doors in my mind. I usually try to obtain the product from exotic woods. The unique feature of these trees adds character to the product and does not require extra painting. There are many different techniques in wood carving according to the type and application method of wood. Whether the product will be used indoors or outdoors, whether it will come into contact with water or not, and the properties of wood such as hardness-softness or strength make it important to the type of wood material. At this point, the most important issue is how excited you are about the product you want to make because this job takes a lot of patience. It is very troublesome to sand each product such as; the wooden paintings, the name badges, and the rosaries individually and to show them all the same attention. As a result of this effort, the wood is worth the trouble because it rewards you and dazzles your eyes. Dealing with wood can be thought of as some kind of meditation. I can tell you, it's comforting me spiritually. I feel energetic at the end of every day I'm dealing with wood. To see the end of a job that I have worked for and the self-confidence that success has given makes me feel that I can overcome any problems that I may encounter and that there's nothing impossible to learn and do. I think my works on the walls of my house are a small inheritance that I can give to my daughter and grandchildren. I also share the photos of my products with my followers on Instagram.

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