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The Purity Of The Past Meets Today's Energy: Vintage

15 February 2019

Every generation carries its own spirit and this spirit finds the most opportunities to reflect itself in everyday life in places.

Every element of the period from the 1930s to the 1990s drifts us into the pure sense of the past, and a magical word emerges; vintage.

A unique line in fashion and decoration, inspired by the past, and a spiritually escape from today's complex and fast world, Vintage is a form of expression of a free spirit.

In order to design a vintage place, you need to have lightweight products that do not take up much space. Thick fabric curtains with floral patterns that match your sofa set can be the first step to start work. If your sofa and dinner set have modern lines, a tumbled wooden coffee table can be an ideal choice for a vintage look at your place. If you are a bookworm, Yıldız Entegre products are waiting for you to present an elegant line to your living space. 

Wrought iron headboards, one of the favorite choices of the 1960s, can be an ideal choice to put your bedroom in a romantic and nostalgic mood. When Vintage is mentioned, it comes to mind pastel tones visually at first. and pastel tones can offer a nice experience for you in your lamp shade preferences. On the other hand, Vintage looking laminate flooring offer a choice that will change the spirit of the spaces for you. 

Vintage is far beyond choosing a product, choosing furniture, or choosing a fabric; it represents the longing fort he past in the soul of man, taking power from the past as humanity move forward tomorrow and it is also a common language of self-expression.

A common language of self-expression.