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01 April 2020

This month’s chasing the tree architect is Dorte Mandrup was born on 28 July 1961 in Aarhus, Denmark. Although her first choice was medicine for college, she dropped out of the faculty in order to pursue a career in architecture.  She studied in sculpture and ceramic art as well that reflects her studio design and methods. She graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 1991 and 8 years later opened her first architectural design studio in Copenhagen.

Dorte Mandrup designs transformation projects along with structures for cultural, educational and commercial usage in order to make people comfortable in the structures which is designed by her.

Dorte Mandrup has been awarded many times for her projects since 2001. 2001 Danish Wood Award, 2007 The Nykredit Architecture Prize, 2016 Swedish Timber Prize and 2017 Breeam Building of the year of Sweden Green Building Awards are some of them among these awards.

Wood-Based Projects

Read Nest

Located in Northern Denmark’s Sjælland, the structure can be considered as a special vacation house. Read Nest is measured almost 10 square meters that looks like a small box. It was designed with the aim of providing a golden standard for any kind of activity, whether working or relaxing.

In the project completed in 2008, when polished plywood from birch wood is used for interior, thuja wood is used for exterior.

Råå Preschool

This structure is located in an old fishing town in Sweden, known as Råå. It was inspired by the town’s dense population and makes use of the great views of the surrounding landscape and the sea. It was designed as specially to make children use of daylight at most.

Completed in 2013, the structure was awarded the “Best Building of the Year” by Skåne Architecture Prize in 2014 and “Architecture – Public with Distinction” by German Design Council in 2015.

Besides her most famous work, Dorte Mandrup worked in projects related to UNESCO as well. Nowadays, she continues her design with a special focus on wooden materials. 

Dorte Mandrup designs buildings in various transformation projects where people will feel comfortable, culture, education and commercial.