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Strong She-Oak Tree

28 January 2020

This Week on Chasing the Tree Across the Globe: She-Oak

This week on “Chasing the Tree” journey, we focus on She-Oak tree (Casuarina), native to Oceania.

She-oak owes is uniqueness to having male and female flowers. Every year, male flowers turn to red and pollinate while female flowers (also red) take an ovoid shape.

Often found in Australia, this trees’s needle-like leaves measure 15-30cm in length. Under proper conditions, the tree can grow up to 30m in height. It produces pine-cone shaped fruits with one seed. Fruits of some she-oak species can be consumed, although some others can be dangerous. Beware!

She-oak stays green throughout the year and is durable against wind, cold, drought, and polluted air. It is home to nitrogen-fixing bacteria which live on nodules on their roots and enriches the soil wherever it grows.

She-oak fills parks and gardens especially in Australia. Because of its durable structure, it is used as a protective against the destructive forces of strong winds. She-oaks are resilient and can grow even under rough circumstances. However, cold weather can pierce through their shield; they should especially be protected from air frost.

This Week on Chasing the Tree Across the Globe: She-Oak