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Simple and Elegant: Purism

12 May 2021

Purism is a design approach which emphasizes the aesthetics of beauty in primary forms that are acknowledged as universal forms. Offering no ornamentation, Purism embraces natural color transition along with the simplicity and elegance of matt decors which are at once stylish and modest. Purism associates beauty with purity, sharpness, simplicity, and the use of primary forms and aims to create rather commodious and simple spaces.

Purism prioritizes stability and simplicity. Purism keeps away from extravagant decoration and it values simple designs. Natural and soft colors are preferable. Matt decors are used alongside wooden objects to create elegant living spaces.

Purism emphasizes simplicity when defining beauty, and it is preferred by those who would like to create püre atmosphere in their living spaces. Matt decors present themselves as elegant choices so they are often used for Purism-inspired spaces.

Tips for creating interiors with simple yet impactful and elegant characters: Matt decorations and neutral colored furniture work well together. Wooden details will enrichen the atmosphere.

Use natural and soft colors for living spaces decorated with simple designs.

For cupboard covers, use Linea Beige, one of our matt cover panels. Wooden-like appearance will create a simple elegance.

Jute carpets will offer a natural atmosphere in living spaces.

Tone-on-tone with beige hues is great for a corner decorated with numerous vases in various shapes and sizes. Portuguese Oak has a matt appearance and can be used for coffee and dinner tables. Linen is a great choice as tablecloths and curtains to create elegant spaces. It’s also important to use right kind of ligthing. Natural ligthing options is essential for Purism.

Jute carpets will offer a natural atmosphere in living spaces.