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Riva House Project

15 March 2019

“Chasing of the tree" is our new main heading. The aim is to bring the possibilities of contemporary use of wood in the field of architecture, sometimes through constructed designs, sometimes through intellectual activities, sometimes through projects. In fact, we want to draw attention to the vital importance of wood in the context of sustainability and environment. In this context, a structure of Boran Ekinci is presented first.                                        

The 150 m2 Riva House, designed by Boran Ekinci architecture, is located on a large farmland in Beykoz. The CLT panels, which can be used as walls, beams and flooring without coating, are preferred in this structure, which is built with wooden construction, unlike the structures formed with coating on the wooden carcass that the architect carried out in his previous projects. The static system of the structure consists of the frame system formed by the forehead panels resting on the outer wall panels and the beam panels resting on the inner wall panels. All connection and ending details and electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems are specially designed in the structure.

What determines your choice of forest products in your projects?

Boran Ekinci: If the structure is without basement and low-floor, light construction generally gives practicality. Steel is also sometimes very good; however, wood has its own unique characteristics. Especially when it is not used together with other materials (concrete-steel), it has a longer life, better workability and insulation value. Also the look of the finished product and the atmosphere it creates is beautiful. If you want fast construction, smooth finish, little interference with nature, these structures are very convenient.

Can you tell us about the wood system applied in Riva House?

BE: Riva House is situated in a flat Meadow area within the forest and has a simple schedule. The fact that the employer is a wooden building manufacturer and the scale of the building with its environment provided us with the opportunity to develop construction techniques specific to this project. We have developed a construction technique with a new product that is becoming widespread in the market called CLT in the structure that is intended to be made with wood construction. CLT is produced by the method of laminating the wood in one, one direction, the other direction. This allows us to obtain a monobloc wood plate up to about 50 m2. We have developed the entire construction technique (including connection and finish details) to build from these plates. In fact, manufacturers took some of the details developed by us and added them to their methods. We used the CLT without any coating, pre-opening all electrical and mechanical channels, designing and drawing each part individually. Here, of course, many issues from static to varnish and screw type, its location, and plug played a role. Stainless special pullers were designed and made. All the screw places were shown in the drawings. It is also different from the usual wooden structures as it is monobloc. So, the construction system here is original and that was very enjoyable for us.




Location: Beykoz, Istanbul

Construction Date: 2017

Project Area: 150 m2

Employer: Serdar Kısadere

Architects: Boran Ekinci Architecture

Project Team: Boran Ekinci, Pelin Kaydan

Project Collaboration: Evren Öztürk (Interior Design Project))

General Contractor: Serdar Kısadere

Photos: Canberk Özcoşkun

* With Contributions From Yıldız Entegre

Chasing the tree with the architects watching wood ...