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Retrofit: Refunctioning

12 May 2021

Section Two: From Shelters to Residences

Architecture has always been considered as a dynamic phenomenon throughout history. It has adapted to the changing needs of each and every era. The civilizations of antiquity used shelters for protection and housing. However, the meaning of accommodation changed through thousands of years that followed, and architecture evolved accordingly. It began to provide something more than just a basic need, and became intertwined with art and aesthetic. The world keeps changing and evolving, and so does the life of the individual.

The Rise of Minimalism, The Importance of Practicality

Houses became more than just shelters, but places that reflect the characters of the people who own them. They have become more artistic and more personal. As urbanization increased and more and more people started living a fast-paced life in cities, minimalistic and practical solutions gained popularity. Houses became more minimalistic and practical, too.

Houses reflect who we are, what we like, what we aspire to become. Minimalistic and practical houses require less time for daily housekeeping chores. They offer more space for personal growth and time to savor good times.

All of these bring us back to Retrofit, which means that things evolve over time and gain new functions and purposes.

Minimalistic Decoration Tips for Practical Houses:

For your dinner table, use a bank instead of chairs. You can tuck it under the table when not in use and save space.

Soft colors such as cream and beige make interiors look calm and spacious. Add Taurus Oak to the mix, and you’ll get yourself a balanced living space inspired by nature!

Portable work tables work well in tight spaces. When you’re done working, you can put it away and get rid of clutter.

Light and bright, Cashmere Biancawill add depth to your living spaces.

In spaces decorated with matte and wooden details, small and natural carpets will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Section Two: From Shelters to Residences