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Retrofit: Re-functioning

06 April 2021

Section One: Old Energy, New Function

Change and progress is a part of natural process. Everything goes through change in time. These changes may appear in a variety of areas.

Everything you can think of has gone through changes and made adaptations to fit the environments that surrounded them. Change and progress continues to be a part of natural process. Retrofit concerns an object which has been changed dependant on a variety of factors over time and gained a new function. In other words, it means repurposing what is old, making it new again.


Longing for Nature

Urban life drove us away from nature. However, nature has a way of reminding us that we need it. And people, strive to bring nature back into their habitats.

We turn to objects and decorations that remind us nature, the sky, forests. We try to soothe our tiredness by connecting with nature…

Respect for Nature

Consumerism is an idea that tries to explain the ever-increasing consumption of goods. And without a doubt, nature has been the number one victim of such order because everything that is consumed litters the planet.

Developed over time, respect for nature was combined with creativity. And that’s how old objects started being repurposed. This way, the process of creating unique spaces is cost-effective, aimed at transforming rather than consuming, and very personal.


Prominent Examples for Retrofit

Continuously shaped by social, cultural and historical variables, architecture is among th most prominent examples of retrofit.

Today we spend more time indoors, and we tend to combine elegance and function when it comes to decoration. Minimalistic and practical houses have become canvases where people were free to express their individual desires.


Decoration suggestions inspired by Spring

  • You can collect wood pieces from the forest and design a wooden ladder to hang your towels in the bathroom. You can add branches with leaves for more coziness.
  • Do you have any keepsakes from your grandmothers? Old porcelain plates that you dread throwing away, but still don’t know what to do with? Well, you can create a vintage corner and hang them on the wall!
  • MDF/PB products such as Atlantis and Halic have distinctive wooden details. You can use them in your living spaces to feel closer to nature.
  • Yıldız Trend MDF/PB product Mona can be used as a wallboard. Incorporating wooden details, this product will create a natural atmosphere in your living spaces.

Section One: Old Energy, New Function