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Prepare Your Home For Winter With Small Touches 24 October 2018

Cold weather began to make itself felt when autumn was over. Winter clothes are slowly getting out of the closets. As the time spent at home increases, it would be appropriate to mention the winter solutions for your home because just like you, your home needs to be prepared for cold weather. Whether small or big with a few touches, you can make your home a place where you will have more fun during the cold winter days. Both the innovations in decoration and the color changes that can be made will make your home look warmer. Here are a few tips to prepare your house for winter...

First Step

You can start making changes in all of your living spaces or in a certain area without waiting for the cold. However, it is the best to take the first step starting from the living room and bedroom where you spend most of your time.

Trend of the Year

If you can't give up the classic, you can choose the harmony of grey, white and cream but don't forget to use this year's trends in your home. As those who follow the İ Saloni Milano Furniture Fair in Milan know, the most popular colors of this year are powder pink, nile green and blue. We recommend you to make your choice of color accordingly.

Blend the Elements

The use of different materials in decoration, such as concrete, wood and marble, is also very fashionable throughout the world this year. In your room, you should prefer a wooden middle coffee table instead of marble. It will carry all the warmth of the tree to your home. We think that a laminate flooring that will fit into the decoration of your home will change the air of your rooms completely. Our suggestion for those who want a great choice for winter is Vario Click Exclusive 5G-İnebolu.

Warm Yourself Inside

A decorative candle holder on your middle coffee table can be enough to warm you up. Candles, room perfumes, room odors with bamboo sticks ... Don't forget to take advantage of the relaxing effect of these little touches. 

Return to the Natural

Using shawls in different colors and textures for your sofas is a decorative solution that will create a warm breeze in your living room. By following the “return to nature” trend in the world, you can choose organic, cotton, cashmere and wool products in home textile products. This allows you to meet the harsh weather with a soft touch.

It's blanket time!

It's time to get your blankets out of your hiding place! A wool knitted blanket is a very stylish option to cover your feet while watching television lying on your sofa with a coffee in your hands.


If you're tired of seeing the same colors every day, we recommend that you change the fabric of your couch. A few extra cushions to add to your seats will be an effective detail for your home in winter as well as in summer.

Fur Carpets

You can change your carpets and bring winter air to your home. Fur carpets are the best choice for winter

Pay Attention to the Lighting!

We all know it gets dark earlier when winter comes. Especially if there is a muggy and gloomy weather, your energy needs to change! For this reason, you should make your lighting preferences carefully. The ideal alternatives for those who like the dim light are lampshades and table lamps.

A Must

A must for home decoration is the tree. It is possible to create a warmer place by using the natural tree tones in your home. We think that a laminate flooring that will fit into the decoration of your home will change the air of your rooms completely. For those who want a great choice for winter, our recommendation is Vario click Exclusive 5G-Inebolu.

Pastel Tones

The ideal time to bring pastel tones  to your bedroom is winter. Pastel tones also provide a romantic atmosphere.

Winter corner

Don't forget to prepare a winter corner for yourself. A table with a few winter flowers and a chair with a small wrap on it is enough for this. We will side with wood again for chair alternatives. A wing chair with a wooden design will add a different character to your winter corner. A decorative lantern with a candle inside is also an elegant suggestion to ensure harmony.

It's blanket time!