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Pastel Tones Accompany Your Wooden Furniture This Season 01 November 2018

Pastel Tones Accompany Your Wooden Furniture This Season

Pastel tones are perfect for those who want a simple and fresh look in their decorations! When your places in blue, pink, and earth tones are combined with wooden elements, it will be inevitable to create a warm atmosphere. Pastel tones are made of colours obtained by softening dynamic colors. When we consider the impact of colors on human psychology, these tones represent peace. Therefore, the preference of those who want to capture romantic decoration solutions especially in small spaces is pastel colors. If the light and soft tones are used correctly, the atmosphere created in the spaces will warm you inside thanks to their reflective features and calming effect.

Feel the warmth of wood in every tone…

Wooden items appear in all living spaces. Television units, coffee tables, bookshelves, armchairs with wooden legs… but do not forget that choosing wood items in your decorations by seeing the whole will last much longer. Marble or wood patterns suit your solid color furniture, wooden items in solid colors will be appropriate for your patterned furniture. We have prepared some suggestions that we think will inspire you in your decorations. Here are our recommendations for applying different shades of pastel in different areas:

Plan first, then design:

Pastel tones are suitable for use in all living spaces, but you should not miss the physical conditions that you need to consider before decorating. First of all, plan the size of the space, the light it receives, and the height. Choosing your laminate flooring and wall colors according to these features will add depth and quality to your space.

Capture integrity in your living spaces:

  • ⦁ If you prefer milky brown tones in furniture, you can get a more spacious view with dark laminate flooring and light - colored walls.
  • If you have a living space where the powder pink tones dominate, lace pillows in the colors of lavender, gray and bone will be very good for the atmosphere. In addition, you can create a modern look by choosing the white marble decor in your wooden furniture (do not forget that the reflections of marble patterns in wood products is the new trend of this season.)                                                                 
  • In your living spaces decorated with pastel blue tones, you can use white items and patterned cushions.

Create exclusive corners:

If you have an exclusive corner in your space or want to create it, you can paint the wall where this corner is with a different color to make it noticeable. You can prepare the corner by placing a decorative fireplace, sprinkling flowers, or by hanging frames of different sizes.

Include patterned wallpaper in soft tones:

If you have solid and pastel color furniture, you can add motion to your place by covering a wall with patterned wallpaper in grey tones.

All shades of wood...