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Office As A Living Space

17 December 2018

Offıce As A Lıvıng Space


Suggestions For Your Offices

Offices are the places where the working people spend most of their time. Whether it's a home-office or a corporate environment, we spend most of our time in an office environment. For this reason, we need to be more careful in office decorations. After all, our offices are our living spaces…


Careful selection of furniture used in office environments, and the use of healthy furniture and working seats are the first steps of decoration. It is up to us to feel that we belong in our office by personalizing our living spaces, to increase our motivation and to make our working environments more efficient.


So how can we personalize our offices and provide ease of use for ourselves?

Imagine the things that motivate you most. Family photo? Put this photo in a corner of your desk. So you'll feel like you are at home.

  • Flowers are what we need most in indoor areas, even if you don't notice them! Green plants in office environment are very easy to care and they are durable too. You can feel nature with a plant placed in an area you can see.
  • The layout on your desk is yours alone. Make your layout easy to use.
  • Put the smell of liquid room odor in a corner of your desk that will give you a feeling of comfort, light and cleanliness. Your favorite scents will help you work more efficiently with the effect it will create subconsciously.                                                                                               


If you work at home;

  • Put your work desk in a corner that receives daylight. Remember, sunlight is motivating, it gives you a perseverance of work.
  • If you have positioned your desk in a living room, you can create a separate section with furniture that will stand between your desk and your living room.
  • Turn a wall close to your desk into the library along the length of it.
  • When you sit down, paint the opposite wall with black wood paint. You can make your workspace more enjoyable by taking your notes on this wall.
  • You should have an unobtrusive lighting, use a desk lamp to direct the light to your work.
  • Pay attention to the colors you use in the work environment. The effects of colors on the human mind are scientifically proven. So the color of the environment affects performance. Yellow color gives energy, therefore it is often used in office environments.


How can we personalize our offices?