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Nature’s Cure: Mānuka

06 January 2020

This Week on Chasing the Tree Across the Globe: Mānuka

Considered as nature’s gift to humanity, Mānuka Tree grows in certain parts of New Zealand and Australia. It has a rather thin and delicate appearance and comes in a variety of colors such as white, pink and even red.

Mānuka Tree has vertical and bright green leaves. It starts blooming in late Spring, around May, and stays in full bloom until September. It loves warm climates and is extremely sensitive against cold weather.

Considered as one of nature’s blessings in Oceania, Mānuka Tree is known to have been used for medicinal purposes. After people realized that the oil extracted from the tree has good effects on the skin, they started using it to cure skin related problems. Demonstrating significant impact on burns and scratches, it is known for its reformative powers throughout Oceania.

Growing in the highlands of New Zealand, Mānuka Tree is also known for the honey it produces. This honey  is known to strengthen immune system and heal wounds. It is exported across the globe from New Zealand. 60-140 times more effective than regular honey, Mānuka Tree honey is considered as a natural antibiotic. It is commonly used around the world.

Famous people’s commentary on the honey, has gained the product a fast paced popularity. According to The Time, the a kilo of the honey costs around 5 thousand Turkish Liras.

Mānuka Tree is not only beautiful, it is also reformative. It’s fame now surpasses the borders of Oceania.

This Week on Chasing the Tree Across the Globe: Mānuka