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Make Room For Nature In Your Home

24 October 2018


Today, everything has thousands of alternatives so we decorate our living spaces to reflect ourselves. Some like classical, some like Bohemian... Although we design our houses in different styles, there is a solution that will allow us all to feel the nature, that fits in all places; Green plants!  


Green plants are the most lively way to decorate your living spaces

Whether you live in the city or in a town away from the city, with large leafy green plants, you can catch the difference in your living spaces and feel the nature at any time. Large leafy green plants will be the easiest solution for creating corners that will reflect nature in your homes or offices. As the green craving for those who want to escape the grey atmosphere of the city increases, the demand for trees used indoors is increasing. There are bonsai plant, Yucca flower, Madagascar dragon tree, Areca Palm, Pachira aquatica flower among the trees preferred for interiors.

Before you consider these options, imagine which shade of green will go with your decoration. Keep in mind that green has many shades such as khaki, mint, emerald, and soft green… Soft tones add a fresh and simple look to your living areas while dark green tones reveal the elegance of your decoration. You can create your corner by catching the harmony with the houseflowers of different sizes and can give life to your places.

Finally, A laminate flooring, that will fit with the color of your wall with the warmth of wood and its nature reflecting texture, should be your choice in order to create an integrity in your decoration. (We suggest you to check out our article titled ““Recommendations that will bring depth to your decorations” for the right choice of laminate flooring.) If you have self-coloured furniture, you may also want to cover your wall with a wallpaper with green leaves.                                                            

Here are the steps you will take to feel natural in your living spaces:

  • Use the shades of nature in your spaces: Green plants capture the nature perfectly with the contrast it created, especially in the places where grey, white or earth colour is dominant.

  • Change the atmosphere by using decorative patterned lace pillows or a patterned seat shawl that you can throw on your winged chair.

  •  Put the potted trees suitable for interior spaces together with green plants of different sizes in a corner of your choice or distribute them to the whole place.

  • Capture harmony in your spaces with the tone of your preferred green plant color.

  •  Choose the laminate flooring color that will create integrity and depth.

  • Cover a wall with leaf patterned wallpaper.                      

Feel the nature in your home...