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14 August 2020

Chasing the tree across the world, our August blog focuses on Bois De Fer Tree, Indian Rosewood, Leptolaena Multiflora and Weinmannia Rutenbergii. Chasing the tree across the world, this journey’s new destination for May is Madagascar.

Durable and Rough: Bois De Fer

Named Humbertia Madagascariensis in Latin, this tree is widely known by its French name Bois De Fer. Endemic to Southeaster Madagascar, Bois De Fer is an evergreen tree. It grows at an altitude of 600 meters, and is famed to be a very durable and rough tree.

Bois De Fer can grow up to 30 meters in height and has a cylindrical body. Its leaves are short (around 10cm in length) and smooth. Bois De Fer produces small flowers and brown-colored fleshy fruits. It is commonly found around Madagascar.

Low Altitude: Indian Rosewood

From the Fabaceae family, Indian Rosewood is named has Dalbergia Latifolia in Latin. Endemic to Madagascar’s low altitude regions, this tree can grow up to 40m in height.

Indian Rosewood is evergreen and doesn’t shed leaves. It is a durable tree. Even though it has a rough and durable body, it is known to be a slow-growing tree.

Traditional Medicine’s Miracle: Leptolaena Multiflora

 From the Sarcolaenaceae family, Leptolaena Multiflora is endemic to Madagascar. It is commonly found on a thin stretch along Madagascar’s northern coast, and less throughout the inner regions.

When boiled, this tree’s crust could be used to treat hepatitis and anemia in traditional medicine. Leptolaena Multifloran can grow up to 20-25 meters in height. Its elliptical leaves are simple and fuzzy, and they measure around 3-8 cm in size.

 Flexible: Weinmannia Rutenbergii

From the Cunoniaceae family, Weinmannia rutenbergii is another tree endemic to Madagascar. It has a wide range and can be found everywhere regardless of altitude. On higher altitudes, the tree produces small leaves and assumes the shape of bushes.

Bois De Fer can grow up to 30 meters in height and has a cylindrical body.