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Large Greeneries

16 December 2019

The largest country in the world in regards to surface area, Russia is also outstanding by being home to an exceptional nature. The country is made up of forests and green flatlands. Speaking statistically, one third of all forestland on the face of the earth is located within the borders of Russia.

The country is not fully occupied by humans, and forests covers half of its surface like a blanket. Moscow has its fair share of the pie as the city is surrounded by a rich variety of forests and greeneries, which are frequently visited by both locals and tourists alike. However, air pollution is a problem in Moscow as well. Even though the city is home to enough greeneries, the authorities are working hard to find solutions to decrease carbon emission levels.

New parksa re being built up, sidewalks are decorated with small trees, asphalt is replaced by cobblestone. The vegetation demonstrates an alteration from North to South. Large tundras are followed by taiga forests and black forests. Located in the country’s southwestern corner, Russia is home to black forests. All of the city’s parks an forests are worth visiting. Losiny Ostrov National Park is one among many. It’s home to birds, reptiles, and even elks. Located close to the city center Sokolniki Park is especially favored by children.

Here, you can find a rich variety of restaurants, exhibitions spaces, concert venues. The park is lush with pine, spruce, birch, oak, and linden trees. Other green destinations include Gorky Park, named after the famous Russian author Maxim Gorky; Izmailovsky Park, one of the largest parks in the city; Serebryany Park, a park located in a protected area; Kuzminki Park, which once belonged to the Russian aristocrats; and Bitsa Park, which is home to more than 500 plant species. One of the greenest cities in the world, Moscow will seem to continue to set an example to other cities when it comes to parks and sustainability projects.

Moscow is one of the world's greenest metropolises ...