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If Nature Was A City

31 October 2019

Its historical texture, curious streets waiting to be explored, and numerous natural wonders hiding around each corner, Berlin is a unique capital in Europe. It may have been referred to as “the divided city” for years, but Berlin never ceased to continue its relationship with nature in spite of the Wall, dividing it in half.

When it comes to greeneries, Berlin is a lucky city. A rich green layer covers the city like a blanket. Tiergarten, Tempelhof Park, Treptower Park, Victoria Park, Marzahn-Hellersdorf Park, and Grunewald are only a few among the untouched pieces of greenery. “Gardens of the World” concept of Marzahn-Hellersdorf Park, brings the outstanding features of Asian garden art right into the city. Chinese Garden, Zen Garden, Seoul Garden, and Oriental Garden invites visitors into a world of natural aesthetic.

Taking you from the here and now, and dropping you into an alternate present, Tiergarten is the city’s largest park. It definitely ranks high on the must-see places in Berlin. Here, you can enjoy autumn to the fullest, relax and unwind, and take a walk to explore many historical aspects of the park such as monuments, sculptures, and various buildings.

Another surprising destination in Berlin is a tropical island, located just a few hours away from the city center. Welcoming about a million visitors every year, the island is home to some 50,000 tropical plants. Here in this Europe’s largest theme park, you’ll get to spend an unforgettable day!

Berlin’s relationship with nature is not limited to the parks mentioned above. Although visiting them is necessary if you want to have a real Berlin experience. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise at Grunewald; an outdoor event at Mauer Park; a walk in Victoria Park; or a barbecue at Tempelhof Park.

Berlin sets a strong example when it comes to arts and culture, and when it comes to nature, the city continues to shine bright like a star for others to follow. Planned to be an entirely eco-friendly city by 2050, Berlin is a pleasant destination for all. You’re recommended to visit and visit soon!

We examined Berlin with the traces of culture, art, architecture and nature.