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House-Home: Home, not House

02 March 2021

Social Change: From Collectivity to Individuality

Let’s admit it: Pandemic conditions have become the new normal. And the new normal is a burning topic of discussion. Our lives have been altered in ways we didn’t think possible, and the change, it looks like, are here to stay. We left the crowds back and withdrew to our micro worlds, which inevitably affected our routines and triggered social change. This new normal pushed us into a world of individuality, which have become a concept in focus all around the world.

The rise of individuality has triggered sociocultural change. In this process, we were reminded that nature plays a huge part in our inner worlds. Now that we have a lot more time in our hands, we spend a lot more time with ourselves, engage in indoor and outdoor activities. In other words, individuality gained value, and so did our homes. We want to reflect difference, individuality, nature, and ourselves in our living spaces and started paying more attention to objects that would serve this purpose.



Nature in Our Homes


Yuvalarımız artık daha fazla şey söylüyor. Daha şık, kaliteli ve işlevsel yaşam alanları yaratma arzusunun yanı sıra yuvalarımızda doğanın yansımalarını da görmek istemeye başladık. Salt motivasyon anlamında değil, fizyolojik olarak da doğa ile iç içelik insan sağlığını olumlu yönde etkiliyor. Siz de yuvalarınızda ufak dekorasyon düzenlemeleri ile doğayı daha çok hissedebilirsiniz.

We think of homes as personalized places where we can display our tastes. The more we spend time in our homes, the more we feel the urge to personalize it. Our homes tell more and more about ourselves. We strive to create elegant, high-quality, and functional living spaces. We strive to add a touch of nature, and not solely for motivational purposes. We want traces of nature in our living quarters because being physically close to nature is great for our health. You, too, can invite nature into your home.


Tips and Tricks:


  • Prefer wood for floors, furniture, and decorative objects. Wood brings comfort and peace.
  • Use natural tones for walls. Hang landscape paintings to add dynamism.
  • Make room for wood in the kitchen and use wooden cupboard covers. Timeless classics such as walnut and oak will create calm environments.
  • Speaking of peace and calm… Natural wood is the way to go. Want some positive energy? Use Yıldız Trend products with register surfaces, Anka or Vals, to build a bookcase and let it work its magic.
  • Use wicker or rattan baskets to add a touch of coziness.
  • Matte surfaces and wood details work great together. Make room for them in your living spaces alongside light-colored rugs to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Everyone knows that elegantly designed floor lamps transform living spaces. Try it out!

Now that we have a lot more time in our hands, we spend a lot more time with ourselves, engage in indoor and outdoor activities.