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Home, not House

11 January 2021


With modernity, our sociocultural lives have experienced a radical shift. Experiencing a constant need for self-sufficiency and anxiety that comes with it, people set off on a quest to create unique spaces to be able to spend some “me-time”. The power for such quest grew swiftly over time. Those special spaces in cities come to mean that people have created a safe space for themselves. And they called it home.


Places Where We Leave the Day Behind; Home

Home is a place where we are at ease; a place where we leave the noise and the chaos of the world behind, where we take shelter to rest. Even though how we spend our time at house demonstrate a great variety, there is something we can’t ignore: We spend way too much time in our houses today than we used to. That’s why, those spaces especially have become safe spaces; spaces where we feel cozy and at peace, our homes. Now, we focus on customizing/personalizing our homes.


Your Home Radiates “You”

Lately, measures for isolation to control the spread of coronavirus have been more strict. And decoration has come to mean a lot more. In these chaotic times, creating special places in our homes will make us feel more at peace. We spend almost all our times in our houses today and we can turn them into homes by creating elegant spaces inside, spaces that radiate “you”. This pursuit, this interest in decoration will not only turn our living spaces into “home” but will also motivate us.


Decorative Ideas for Your Home


  • Make your home practical and functional. Getting rid of clutter and making space for meaning will get you closer to the idea of “home”.
  • You can use personal objects to create peaceful corners. For example, you can place framed photos of your and your loved ones on your table or on your console.
  • You can turn a room into an office where you can work more efficiently and longer. That way, working from home can become an enjoyable process.
  • We yearn for nature more and more as we are confined in our homes. Using natural-feeling objects as decorative elements will create a cozy atmosphere. Furniture with natural texture and plants will do the trick.

Creating Unique Spaces