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Grey Details Make Difference

14 May 2019

Just like white and cream, grey is a color that scream simplicity and elegance. Numerous shades of grey from dark to light and warm to cold, will present you with various alternatives in decoration.

Essential color in living spaces

Grey might be a tricky color to use but don’t worry because there is only one important thing to consider when using grey to decorate living spaces: Shade. If you choose the right shade of grey which presents a harmonious backdrop to your furniture, you’ll easily achieve elegance and simplicity. For example, karbon gri is a great shade that can go with many different colors. Options in shade will give you the opportunity to create rich, unique spaces.

Shades of grey that create calm and spacıous environments

When you want to create calm atmosphere, colder shades of grey will work best. Mist grey stands out among others as the best option when creating calm environments because it introduces spaciousness when applied. Shades of grey are best for creating simple and elegant spaces with calm and spacious atmosphere.

Brighter appearance

Used in a variety of spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, mdf/pb and lacquered panel options will help you create brighter environments. With Yıldız Entegre products that incorporate the best shades of grey, it’s possible to achieve the perfect brightness in your living spaces.

All shades of grey are moved to your living spaces with Yıldız Trend products ...