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Giant Centipede Exhibited Under The Sponsorship Of Yıldız Entegre 24 October 2018

TOBB University of Economics and Technology Architecture department students‘projects titled "Wooden Centipede”(Dev Kırkayak), which is entitled to enter the Guinness World Records book, were exhibited under the sponsorship of Yıldız entegre at arch+DSGN Summit 2018.

sponsors of the Architecture and Design Summit, titled Arch+Dsgn Summit 2018, organized by the architectural event center on April 6-7 at Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Hall, was Yıldız Entegre. The event, which brought architects, interior designers, designers and creative industry professionals together, welcomed visitors this year with panels, B2B (business to business) meetings, workshops and a surprise exhibition. Speakers at the summit with the theme of “New Approaches in Architecture and Design “, aimed to add new perspectives to the audience through the sub-headings of identity and culture, design, education, and space and technology in the panels titled “Transdisciplinary Approaches In Spatial Design”, “What Do Architects Say?”, "The Student's Place in Architecture”, “Sustainable Sturacture Environments” and “Innovative Approaches in Design of Health Care Buildings”.

Giant Centipede

The surprise of the event this year was the 100x175x150 centimetres “Wooden Cendipede” exhibited under Yıldız Entegre sponsorship. In the Project, designed by first-year students of TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Department of Architecture, includes alternative approaches to traditional forms that repeat themselves and wood is used as a joint construction material, the sizes are approximately 300 times bigger than normal. Because of the size and structural features of the centipede, it was granted the right to apply for entering the Guinness Book of World Records.

It Attracted A Great Deal of Attention

“Wooden Centipede”, which was prepared for a better understanding of constructive systems, one of the most basic concepts of architecture, started to be designed in January. 55 students from TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Department of Architecture, worked in groups for several months for different parts. More than 7,500 pieces were used in the construction of the centipede. The project, which was brought from Ankara to Istanbul, took 12 hours to rebuild. With the opening of Arch+DSGN Summit 2018, students presented their projects to the visitors. Continuing its support for education, Yıldız Entegre became the sponsor for the students to exhibit the project they prepared within the scope of the Building Technologies course module in the foyer area. Wooden Centipede consists of 22 modules that are different from each other in the fields of design and construction, such as thought, material, and the way of making. The instructor Dr. Murat Sönmez explained the construction processes and the intellectual backround of the “Wooden Centipede” in a presentation titled “A Story Told By An Elephant, Listened By A Giraffe, Understood By  A Centipede”.

Arch + Dsgn Summit