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From iSalone Del Mobile to Your Living Spaces

26 June 2019

Everyone wants the areas where they spend the most time to have an original look that reflects their personal tastes. We are inspired by iSaloni del Mobile, which is held every year as well as this year with dozens of colors, patterns and textures and unique designs, and we bring the world of design together with world trends.

As the leading company in the Forest Products sector, we capture the global and maintain our mission to be the pioneer of trends both in the world and in Turkey. In order for the design world to always have more color and pattern alternatives, we are laying the groundwork for the development of designers ' product portfolios.

iSalone Del Mobile based its manifesto, published in 2019, on “mastery, ingenuity.” This year, when the concept of ingenuity is chosen as the theme in the capital of design and fashion, we are watching the original designs of ingenious hands. Creativity is an evolving power. The original and new designs, which come to life through the nourishment of ingenuity and creativity with new and different ideas, are presented to thousands of professionals in iSaloni every year.

Every year, we bring our observations of design items of the year to your living spaces from iSaloni del Mobile 2019, the world's most prestigious and largest furniture fair held in Milan, the capital of design and fashion. Here are some tips on the rich dialogue of colour, patterns and textures that stand out in iSaloni, which is held during Milan Design Week!

Orange's coral and tile shades stand out

Coral, which was chosen as the colour of 2019, is particularly in demand for home and office decorations. In addition to the wall decoration, the coral and tile tones stand out in the furniture as well. they are almost a symbol of warmth and energy. A warm touch of coral combined with white, beige or grey, as well as marble textures adds a unique look to the places.

The combination of Nile Green & Grey makes a difference

One of the striking qualities of decorations is the contrast formed by transverse colors. The grey that has stood out in recent years appeals to every style and colour. With the simplicity of grey and the elegance of Nile Green, your places will have a new face. You can have a spacious and bright place with Nile Green.

The use of leather and fabric texture in wooden furniture is rising

A new approach to furniture design is the use of leather and fabric texture feel in drawers and cabinets. A new approach in furniture design is the use of leather and fabric texture in the drawers and cupboards. With the developing technology, different textures were added to the wood! Whether you want to feel the tree or have a soft touch, you have many alternatives with new Surface Technologies.

Innovations in cabinet applications offer aesthetics in living spaces

Whether it's the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room, the designs differ with the use of various decorative MDFs inside the cupboard. While the doors become transparent in cupboard designs, the interior of the cupboard draws attention with its walnut and marble decors. Especially with cupboard lighting solutions, cupboards offer a different and aesthetic image to the places.

Dark tones are preferred on walnut and oak surfaces

Dark walnut and Oak decor stand out in all furniture and even wall decorations. Particularly dark tones are preferred this year on surfaces that carry the textures of oak and walnut trees to living spaces.

Return to the past begins with Terrazzo

A return to the past begins with Terrazzo, the most favored floor-covering product of the 1950s. Now it seems that we will often see this famous stone pattern as a wall covering.

Marble, stone and metallic surfaces are also at the forefront this year

The most favoured patterns of recent years are marble, stone and metallic patterns, which are also maintaining their popularity this year. For those who want to carry these patterns to their places without giving up the warmth of the wood, the alternative is many…

Matte solid colors are indispensable for living spaces

This year, we will find matte surface options of solid colors in many areas. Whether it's soft tones or black... matt surfaces in the color of furniture that you can choose according to your decoration are indispensable this year.

Brass, copper and bronze give the spaces an aesthetic look

As always, the brass, copper and bronze items appear this year with their distinctive sparkle and charm. Especially with the coffee table and furniture legs and the metals we find in the kitchen and bathroom design objects, the spaces get a whole different appearance.

From iSalone where most of colors, patterns and unique designs are guest ...