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From Architects And Designers I About Saloni Milano Furniture Fair 24 October 2018

Yıldız Entegre visited the Salon Milano Furniture Fair, which was held in Italy between April 17-21, with a team of 55 successful architects and designers. The Fair fascinated everyone who is interested in decoration. Architects and designers who participated in the organization, organized by Yıldız Entegre explained their impressions and remarkable details to Yıldız’da Yaşam.

Cenkay Çakır (Cenkay Çakır Design Office)

Combining high quality and technological products with simple and minimal details, İ Saloni Milano Furniture Fair exhibits innovative products; and continue to shed light on designers and architects. Combinations made with different materials, the harmony and elegance of metal and marble, black and gold color were outstanding in the fair. In addition to the diversity of colors in furniture, we can see last year's soft and gray colors are replaced by dark colors; gold, nickel and bronze. Velvet warm fabrics, thin metal legs and armrests, and sofa groups decorated with different materials were the prominent details of 2018.

Esra Erkutun (Monest Architecture)

As for the past two years, the main player of the İ Saloni Milano Furniture Fair was again marble, and this powerful material that created a picture effect impressed us all. I think the works with marble surfaces will be used too much this year in our country. When we consider the difficulties of using natural stone, we will see a lot of demand on the register emboss surfaces of Yıldız Entegre, which we call almost natural. The main color we see is mainly the orange and shades which we call quince burn. This color, thanks to the its warmth, attracted all of us. The designs focused on simplicity in the sofa groups and functionality in the forms were mainly exhibited in linen fabrics. The glass and mirror sparkle were used in abundance again due to its design power. The ability to combine glass with metal and wood was extraordinary.

“The team visited İ Saloni Milano Furniture Fair within the scope of organization organized by Yıldız Entegre and said the design spirit was felt throughout Milan.”

Fatih Bayramlar (Batu Desing)

Trends, colors, surface textures and all kinds of technological innovations come into our homes from our kitchens. For this reason, we see innovations first in our kitchens. The marble patterns and surfaces, which were introduced two years ago, have become widespread this year and have entered the concept of home very intensely. This year, large table tops and console top ceramic solutions also attracted attention. The concrete designs and surfaces, which began to be widely used in the kitchen and which we expected to enter into house concepts in the next year at the latest, were also in the forefront. We have observed that Scandinavian influence is almost absent, and the Oak is used very little. This situation was inevitably reflected in accessories. Walnut and its tones were used extensively and beautifully with natural wood in accessories.

Heves Beşeli (Motto Architecture)

The Design Week in Milan was felt not only at the fairground but at all corners of the city. It was also very exciting to experience the structure and the huge glass roof covering of the I Saloni Milan Furniture Fair, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. In each backyard of the historical texture, visitors were welcomed with a different surprise. Some of the Italian brands have done justice to use their own country's marble and leather. When in Milan, it would not be appropriate not to see the Porta Nuova district, which contains contemporary architecture in the city. The most impressive building here was the Bosco Verticale towers with the vertical forest concept. The Fondazione Prada campus, built by the world-famous Office for Metropolitan Architecture in the old industrial zone south of Milan, was home to a permanent exhibition that handled the current Italian art with its political context, and many temporary exhibitions. I think that the architectural language, material selections and details of the buildings in the campus attracted more attention than the exhibitions.

Details from I Saloni Milano Furniture Fair