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Fashion That Comes From The Past 06 November 2018



As a rising trend in recent years, vintage style is encountered in both textile and decoration. Well, there is a lot of talk but what is this trend actually?

Vintage refers to the old one, but today is actually a reflection of old fashion on the modern line. With nostalgic decoration objects, vintage style of today’s fashion appears in all display windows. It is very easy to experience the spirit of the period in your houses with this style in which antiques and old surfaces are frequently used in decoration. You can easily decorate your homes according to this spirit with pillows, selected colors on curtains, lace cloths or oriental patterned rugs.

Don't forget to make contemporary touches to your decoration while capturing vintage fashion. The entire atmosphere of the room can be changed with a wall color with color transitions that will create an integrity with your furniture. Reflecting the spirit of the period with a modern perspective will make your spaces much more convenient and unique.

Here are our suggestions to make you feel  the breeze of this fashion that comes from the past with colors, shapes, textures, objects in your homes.

  • You can buy a wooden cabinet with an old surface, or you can even aged the surface yourself.
  • You can put antiques in a corner where you decide. For example, a pickup!
  • You can use lace detail in different corners.
  • You can decorate your floors with colorful rugs.
  • You can cover one of your walls completely with objects of different sizes. Frame, wall ornament, mirror…
  • You can use the old type sink battery in your kitchen and bathrooms and capture the line you want in the decoration with this small detail. You can prefer black, gold or copper red according to your venue.
  • You can get a patterned wing chair with wooden legs that you can use in the living room, bedroom or study room.
  • You can include graphic or floral patterns on the fabric.
  • You can complete the decoration with a wooden coffee table.
  • You can choose the green shades of soil on your sofa suites; this can even be a velvety fabric.
  •  You can preserve integrity in decoration by using our decor called Vintage Linea in your wooden furniture!

Our suggestions to feel the vintage ...