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Eco-Friendly Structures

26 December 2019

Moscow is a green city, and makes sure to respect the green with eco-friendly structures. Setting an example to all the big cities in regards to proximity to nature, Moscow continues to grow even more respectful of nature. There are a rich variety of structures in the city, made up of natural materials.

With raising carbon emission levels and growing effects of global warming, eco-friendly projects are not only conducted by corporates but also by individuals. N.N Residence is one of those projects… Created by Berlin-based J. Mayer H and Moscow-based Alexander Erman Architecture & Design, this Project was designed as a private residence for a family.

Designed in accordance to its surroundings, the house is very outstanding. The roof is covered in grass and the wavy form creates a smooth transition from earth to the structure. The transition is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face who values nature. Specially designed to engage with the surrounding nature, this structure is truly a marvel to look at. Another is a creation by the Russian architectural firm Archslon: the Black Villa.

It was inspired by the very nature of the country it was built in. It was also specially designed to engage with the surrounding nature, and little left little impact on nature. Its color makes the villa blend in the forest and makes it even more interesting. It is very compact and not very high so as not to disturb the surrounding trees. The interior is illuminated with the light entering from the roof windows. Old buildings in Russia demonstrate resilience and take their place alongside this new structures.

Some of these were built using more than 150 trees. Dating back to 18th and 19th century, those buildings are under protection. It looks like Moscow will continue to set an example to other cities when it comes to respecting nature and sustainability projects.


Dating back to 18th and 19th century, those buildings are under protection.