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01 February 2021

Neutralism is a design approach often preferred by those who aim to attain the contrast created by varying appearances in living spaces. Harboring coherence and elements that are not in competence with each other, this movement has been an influential force in decoration and design. No matter modern or classic, it appeals to all palates.


Spaces where grey and white intermingle are at the base of timeless design. Especially the color grey, with a coherent and neutral character, can accompany a rich variety of decoration and design styles. So, numerous shades of grey are the go-to options for interiors designed with Neutralism in mind.


Preferred by those who want to combine decoration styles and furniture that bear differing characteristics, this design approach demonstrates the harmony grey creates along with wooden, marble, and stone details. Especially warmer shades of grey are best when it comes to creating cozy atmospheres.

Suggestions for creating coherent, neutral, and timeless atmospheres with Neutralism;

  • Combining shades of grey and wooden objets will help you create cozy atmospheres.


  • Combining stone decorations and lighter shades of grey will add a touch of modernism to your living spaces. Luna and Retro Stone from Yıldız Trend MDF/PB collection are perfect fit!


  • When it comes to lighting accessories, curtains, and carpets, you can prefer bright colors to create dynamism in your living spaces.


  • Stone and grey-colored decorations in your bathrooms will create simple yet elegant interiors.


  • To create tranquil and delightful working spaces, make sure to use softer shades of grey such as Tuna and Sina from Yıldız Trend collection.


  • Shiny grey details on wardrobe/cabinet covers will add a touch of depth to your living spaces.


  • Spacious living spaces require a combination of grey, beige, and white.


  • Make sure to use fresh spring flowers to complement the design!

Especially warmer shades of grey are best when it comes to creating cozy atmospheres.