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Calm, Comfortable & Elegant: Zen Philosophy

04 March 2019

Zen Buddhism is gaining fast paced popularity and its affect on interior design in unavoidable to see. Today, it’s almost common to see architectural decorations inspired by Zen Philosophy which solely depends on creating elegance with simple details and providing peaceful living spaces.

Zen means meditation in Japanese. Based on the idea of minimal decoration and uncluttered living spaces, this approach aims to teach people about awareness, balance, and positive thinking. In living spaces inspired by Zen Philosophy, earth-toned colors should be preferred. This color group will carry nature’s tranquility and elegance into your living spaces and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Zen also requires that every object that is used in a certain living space should be in harmony both with each other and with your soul. This means that if you want to create living spaces inspired by Zen Philosophy, you should make sure that your floors, furniture, and decorative objects should be in perfect harmony. Light-colored floors are perfect for Zen principles, but don’t forget to pick compatible colors for your walls and furniture. Remember, Zen Philosophy is all about distancing yourself from burdening thoughts and it’s essential to get rid of clutter in your living spaces. Life should be lived to the fullest and not letting clutter stop you from doing that is essential in Zen Philosophy.

Bring nature's calmness and elegance to your living spaces