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Beijing’s Tree Treasure

25 September 2019

Beijing might be known for its highly polluted air caused by the crowded population and industrialization, but this city is also famous for being home to a rich variety of trees and vegetation. Once covered under a sheet of broad-leaved trees, Beijing is now suffering an decrease in forests because of lumbering. Even so, there are around 40,000 trees, which are older than 100 years, in the center of Beijing. Some trees have been recorded as older than 1,000 years.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Parks encourages fruit growing. According to a research conducted in 1990, fruit trees in Beijing make up more than %17 of all trees in the city. This percentage reaches up to %23 in the single-flat housing area, and up to %42 in some other places. In the city center more than 40 fruit varieties are grown.

Old and historical trees in Beijing are usually situated in palace and temple gardens and parks. Chinese Juniper, Oriental Arbor-vitae, and Maidenhair tree are considered as the most longevous trees.

Across China, all properties are accessible to public. There are no private parks and this certainly didn’t result in poor maintenance of the greeneries in the country. People demonstrate great interest in keeping their public greeneries neat and clean

According to unofficial regulations, permission from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Parks and documentation from the Beijing Landscape and Garden Institute are needed to cut down trees which older than 100 years old or those that measure taller than the surrounding buildings.

The value invested in preserving greeneries and forests throughout China is a sign that these people value their future. They set a good example for the rest of the world.

Did you know that there are more than 40 fruit trees in the center of Beijing?