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Bauhaus Ecole And Today’s Design Concept 20 September 2019

Bauhaus Ecole

The Bauhaus Ecole is known as the design of modernization. Bauhaus ecole, which represents the development of modernism in architecture, art and design, is the name of a school that was influential in the early twentieth century. This movement follows the “form follows function” concept and emphasizes the function in the design of buildings and products. For this ecole, art is actually a combination of craft and engineering. Therefore, aesthetics is not a concern, but the function is in the foreground.

Bauhaus has attracted attention with the use of materials in architecture and furniture design and the efforts for the development of these materials. It has shaped the rationality of the modernism movement with functionalism and geometric forms in furniture.

Bauhaus School Furniture Design Concept

Drawing attention to elements such as shape, color, texture and material in furniture, the movement advocating that the connection details can be considered decorative, adopted a design approach for human perception. Designers adopting this trend went to functional searches in furniture. For this reason, the designers at the beginning of the twentieth century designed portable and furniture that took into account the function of the product. Future-oriented furniture designs have begun to stand out. The names that came up with these designs were the pioneers of the Bauhaus School.

In this period, for the first time in furniture design, standardization and rationalization for production started to emerge. In addition to this, the principles such as ease of assembly and using new technology for higher quality, have started to form the basis of furniture industry.

At What Point Does Today's Conception Of Design Differ From Bauhaus?

The Bauhaus School has played an important role in bringing the qualities that will lead the way to shape today's furniture. Today, however, different products play the leading role in furniture design in particular materials used. The furniture is produced as functional, sound and healthy. And what materials are used?

Today, due to the fact that wood materials are more robust thanks to new technologies, the temperature of the wood has been re-established in modern designs…

The materials that are preferred in today's design concept are beginning to differentiate from Bauhaus at this point. Bauhaus made a difference in the early twentieth century by using materials such as glass, concrete and steel. However, when we come to today, we see that the wood material is more robust thanks to new technologies, so designers can use the warmth of wood in their designs to move nature back to homes.

5 suggestions to carry the Bauhaus style to today:

  • Use simple materials.
  • Choose roller blinds. The Bauhaus style likes to let the sunlight in as much as possible. In addition, roller blinds are preferred with their simple and functional structure.
  • Include regular colors throughout the decoration. This way, your space will look more homely.
  • Give room to simple and modest furniture.
  • Get functionality in the foreground. In furniture such as television units, shelves, and cabinets, you can focus on the function; you can use empty spaces such as under stairs in this sense.

5 suggestions to carry the Bauhaus style to today

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