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Architecture And Nature

21 October 2019

Berlin is a dynamic city. However, it also offers peaceful corners. People satisfy their nature-related needs in numerous parks and forests spread across the city.

The city’s relationship with nature gives inspiration to its architecture. Eco-friendly constructions spread across Berlin. These buildings are a form of hope for the city’s people.

Here is a good example: American Academy’s (which aims to create a dialogue between the US and Germany) Fellows Pavilion is a building that holds together two ideas, good architecture and respect to nature. Undertaken by the Barkow Leibinger architectural firm, the project was led by the German architect Tobias Wenz and completed in 2015. Located in Wannsee, the building occupies a vast greenery and was inspired by 19th century villas. Although very simple, it leaves a lasting effect on visitors. The building is in perfect harmony with its environment.

Berlin is a source of admiration for nature lovers and environmentalists not only because it embraces eco-friendly architectural projects, but also because it helps foster other eco-friendly projects. The highlight is the Gallery of Scenic Garden. Undertaken by the Hanazaki Paisagismo architectural firm, the project was led by Alex Hanazaki and completed in 2017. It leaves people breathless. Spreading across 400 square meters of land, the place offers visitors the best shades of green. Designed for the International Garden Fair, the project is a unique example which demonstrates how architecture and nature can be in a perfect harmony. It is a good example for the whole world to see.

In Berlin, it is possible to enjoy the best of nature, without compromising the perks of living in a city. Berlin is a city to look up to. On the warming planet in the face of climate change, Berlin is among the cities that radiate rays of hope.

Eco-friendly constructions spread across Berlin.