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02 March 2020

In the March issue of blogpost series where we review architects chasing the tree, our subject is Bates Masi Architects. Offering full-scale architectural design services, Bates Masi Architects has been in business over 50 years.

Bates Masi Architectural Offices was first established in New York City, USA. One of the partners, Paul Masi received his degree in architecture from the Catholic University of America and went on to complete his master’s at Harvard University. Co-founder Harry Bates received his degree in architecture from the University of North Carolina.

The eco-friendly projects they’ve completed earned Bates Masi Architects a total of 181 design award since 2003. The architectural company was featured in well-known publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, and Dwell. After receiving countless awards, Bates Masi Architects finally made it to the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2013.

Projects that Draw Attention with Wood-based Materials

Bates Masi Architects draws a lot of attention with wood-based products in the housing projects it designs.

Northwest Harbor

Realized by Bates Masi Architects in 2013 in East Hampton, a town in the state of New York, Northwest Harbor Housing Project was an ambitious Project. Planned to be located in a wetland, the Project had some aspects that posed some zoning limitations which restricted the designers. However, the designers proved to be very meticulous and creative in their approach to the situation and the result was nothing less than impressive.

Bates Masi Architects team also took the time to complete the interior design of the Project and delivered a full-scale job. Project received the AIA Peconic Merit Award and AIA NYS Award of Merit in 2008, Canadian Wood Council Award in 2013, and IDA Honorable Mention in 2014.


Also completed in 2013, Mothersill, made up of wooden boardwalks lining the beach area in East Long Island draw a lot of attention and praise. Slightly elevated, these boardwalks lead to the beach. The use of natural products was the reason of high praise.

For this vacation house located in Water Mill, New York, Bates Masi Architects designers created wooden boardwalks to enhance the landscaping elements of the historic area. The Project was selected as the Interior Design Best of Year Winner in 2013, received IDA “Gold” Award in 2014 and Best on Archilovers in 2015.

Elizabeth II

Completed in 2014 in Amagansett, New York, Elizabeth II included a set a parallel walls to shield off excessive noise. Made of wood-based materials, the walls break sound waves and create an acoustic shadows for a silent and peaceful atmosphere. The Project received the Wood Design & Building Citation Award in 2014, AIA NYS Award of Excellence and IDA “Gold” Award in 2015, and 2017 SARANY Merit Award in 2017.

Receiving numerous awards for their succesfull projects, Bates Masi Architects continues to create admirable projects which prioritize the use of wood-based products.

The architectural office that attracts attention with its designs that adopt the tree ...