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Ancient Egypt Inspired Living Spaces

30 April 2019

Most famously known for its pyramids and desert climate conditions, Egypt is a city that has a a lot of potential to inspire decoration and enrich living spaces. Homes inspired by Ancient Egypt are always one step ahead of the game in terms of elegance and aesthetics.

Through excavations, we learned that the most important detail to think about Ancient Egypt inspired decoration is wood! Egyptians made use of wood in their daily lives to decorate and enrich their living spaces.

Located along the trade routes, Egypt gained access to wood through bartering. In the hands of the Egyptians, wood turned into an essential material for decoration and inspired a new form of art. Wood carvers of this period are known to have developed a method which included numerous engaging wooden parts.

Today, it’s easy to draw inspiration from Ancient Egypt and decorate living spaces. For example, marquetry, an art form which makes use of various types of veneer to decorate objects, is still used to create inspirational furniture and decorative objects. One of the most popularly used type of veneer is ivory. When used together, these materials create an atmosphere of mystery and definitely brings a breath of fresh air to living spaces.

Another unique approach in decoration in Egypt is the use of animal figures. Believed to date back to the Neo-classical period, these designs were recognized as a form of showing respect to ancient Egypt. To create a mysterious and exotic atmosphere in living spaces, object with animal figures can be used.

If you want to create an exotic and mysterious atmosphere in your home, you can make use of Egypt’s mysterious history.

Decoration ideas of ancient Egypt are reflected in your homes.