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A Structure Chasing The Tree: Bosco Verticale

12 April 2019

The founder of the international “multiplicity” research network which works towards contemporary urbanism, Stefano Boeri is the name behind the world’s first vertical garden in the heart of Milan.

Installed in Milan and aims to blend nature and urban life, Bosco Verticale offers people an area where nature is in an arm’s reach in the heart of the city. The project includes two towers measuring 76m and 110m and together they are home to a total of 900 trees and 2000 plant species.

Bosco Verticale offers a peaceful home for various animal and plant species in the city and it also aims to reduce the impact of air pollution. Thanks to Bosco Verticale, Milan is known as a city chasing nature.

Bosco Verticale trees are chosen specifically according to the architecture style of the structure and the height of the floor they will be planted at. This intriguing structure is a unique Milan landmark is a microclimatic oxygen source, fighting noise pollution and excessive sunlight.

World’s first vertical garden: Bosca Verticale