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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That: Eclectic Decoration

20 February 2020

This month, we’ve gathered some of our notes to introduce you the eclectic decoration style that’ll turn your living spaces into rich interiors.

Recently, we’re witnessing a wide range of decoration styles that are gaining a fast-paced popularity, and eclectic decoration style is one of them.

Eclectic word roots come from Greek, “eklektikos” which translates to “selective” in English, means mixing up elements from different decoration styles.

Taking down the walls around the conventional approaches, eclectic style is a perfect match for those who love to think outside the box. Eclectic home decorations heavily distinctively upon groundbreaking design combinations.

Eclectic style doesn’t hold rigidly on to a certain time period or style. When it comes to eclectic style, you’re free to mix and match.

Balance and Harmony are two elements that are important in living spaces decorated in eclectic style. Withtout these two elements, your eclectic interior can quickly turn into a chaotic mess.

When things with different styles and from different time periods are put together, achieving harmony may appear difficult. However, eclectic style aims to create harmony out of contrast. If you pay attention to the compatibility of color and size of the pieces you put together, eclectic style will create a unique and free-spirited atmosphere in your living spaces.

How to Apply Eclectic Style?

It’s possible to decorate both homes and offices with eclectic style. Eclectic style offers a broad spectrum to those who want to decorate their living spaces with a unique touch.

Let’s Look at some tips that’ll help you put eclectic pieces together.

Remember that you’re free to choose -but make sure to choose wisely.

You can use different fabrics on your furniture. Colorful and patterned fabric will work exceptionally.

Make sure that your furniture and decorative items belong to different worlds. For example, a modern couch can be paired up with a vintage winged chair.

Eclectic style is about contrast. Contrasting colors, furniture, and wall decorations will add up to the eclectic atmopshere in your living spaces.

In your dining room, remember that you don’t have to pick a dining table set and always choose a group of chairs that are all different from each other -and that don’t match the table.

Yıldız Entegre Tip:

Here is a little tip for your eclectic interiors… Picking solid colors for your walls and floor coverings will help you create balance and harmony, and give you a free space to go crazy with decorative details. Knotty and groove laminate flooring will create a combination of old and new.

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We encounter the harmony of contrast in the spaces decorated with eclectic style ...