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Message Of President

Message Of President

“The persons are not perpetual but the corporations are"

Fehmi Yıldız 

Who are mostly aware of that phrase are those having noticed that the corporation in which they work is older than their ages…Each member of our family is aware of the fact that working is a run of service for us. In this run, we go further with the effort of reaching and achieving the best, common objective for all of us is to carry our service quality forward on and on.

Our history, which goes back to 1890, directs every step of us as both a responsibility on our shoulders and a torch illuminating our way. Today, we are a power of which our country is proud on our facilities, offering added value to and creating employment for the lands where we were born as well as our mostly preferred brands.

Our targets are bigger any longer based on the responsibility of being one of the largest corporations of our country with its production, employment, added value and taxed income. Our products are transported to every country in the world, far or close; and we form our production values and standards according to the global norms. We produce the best products of the World in Turkey and serve for the use by the World.

Even though our experience is as centuries-old as the age of our corporation, our enthusiasm and passion are quite fresh just like the first day. We will keep on shaping the future for you with our over 3500 employees and solution partners, sharing this passion and feeling the same enthusiasm with us.

Chairman of the Board of Directors