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Our Station Is Havana On Social Media In July 01 July 2019

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The Perfect Harmony of History and Color: Havana

Yıldız Entegre greets everyone from this month’s “Chasing the Tree” journey! This month’s destination is the unique city of Havana! Every month we travel through a new city. This month, our destination is Havana; the city that made a name for itself with its history, struggle, and culture. Colorful buildings, classic cars, and locals dressed in colorful clothing… The streets of Havana look straight out of the 1950s movies. Every corner of this city is colorful and the more you see the more you are encouraged to discover.Here in this beautiful city, you can see the ethnic influence of Spain and Africa. Not to mention the beautiful weather of the Tropics makes for a beautiful natural scenery in the city. Everywhere you look, you’re confronted with the examples of Neo-classical and colonial architecture. People don’t rush here. They are happy, welcoming, and calm. One of the most interesting features of the city is the awe inspiring architecture. Built in the Neo-classical, eclectic, and colonial style, various museums and buildings seems to have turned the cityinto an open air museum. Despite the long-continued US embargo on Cuba, it’s possible to seemany US-inspired buildings. Highlights in the city include Plaza de Armas, El Capitillo, Catedral de San Cristobal, El Templete, and Museo de la Revolucion. Havana is made up of three parts; Habana Vieja, Habana Centro, and Vedado. After you’ve discovered the historical sites, you can get lost in Havana streets and get to know the culture and learn more about the cuisine. We’re spending this month in Havana, the capital of Cuba and encourage you to follow our social media accounts if you would like to learn more about this gorgeous city.