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Mysterious Journey To The Ancient World: Cairo 01 May 2019

Yıldız Entegre greets everyone from this month’s “Chasing the Tree” journey!

Every month we journey through a new city and do our best to share details about its architecture, culture and art scene, and unique structures. This month, our destination is the archaic city Cairo. Through our journey in this city embedded with the remains of the Ancient Age, we’ll be chasing mystery, history, and nature.

Cairo’s history dates back thousands of years, which makes it a go-to destination if you’re interested in seeing firsthand the world’s oldest structures. Referred to as the “Umm al-Dünya,” by Arabs, which means “Mother of the World,” in Arabic, Cairo is a unique city which tastefully harmonizes its historical and modern identities.

Home to mind-blowing landmarks whose architecture quirks still can’t be explained, Cairo easily makes it to the list of cities where heaves of people visit to experience the Ancient World. In Cairo, visitors not only get to experience the Ancient Egypt, but also the city’s thousands of years old culture and all the mysterious ways it accommodates past and present. Cairo means “victorious,” in Arabic - befittingly so since the city victoriously stands strong in despite of the effects of time.

The center of Islamic studies thanks to the 1300 years-old Al-Azhar University, Cairo is a perfect summer destination where you can get to enjoy the warm weather accompanied with the atmosphere of the Nile River. While trying our best to share the architecture, geography, and culture of Cairo, a city that includes Barcelona and İstanbul among its sister cities, we also fell for its archaic mystery.

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