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From Dust To Dream City: Berlin 01 October 2019

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This month’s “Chasing the Tree” destination is Berlin, one of the most important capitals in the European continent.

A centerpiece for numerous recent historically important events, Berlin made a name for itself as a city that shakes up the balance. Following the demise of the German Republic after World War II, the Republic of Germany was established. The new republics capital, Berlin was Europe’s then largest capital.

Epicenter of culture, science, and art, Berlin experienced a massive devastation with World War II. Even after losing all its glory, the city rose from its ashes faster than expected. Berlin’s story is a story of smart restructuring.

Berlin was divided into West Berlin and East Berlin during the Cold War. However, even the famous Berlin Wall couldn’t destroy the idea of peace and humanitarian values. Berlin braced the worst and recovered to quickly recovered to become one of Europe’s most important cultural capitals.

Berlin is definitely a must-visit destination. Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Cathedral, Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery, Botanical Garden and Museum are among the city’s highlights.

And then there’s Kreuzberg. A neighborhood you can write a book about. Also known as “Little İstanbul”, Kreuzberg is most famous for being home to a large Turkish community. Currently a center of attraction, Kreuzberg is among the city’s most important parts. Investments in entertainment and business are made here.

Another one of Berlin’s most important aspects is that this city is surrounded with greeneries. Encountering a park or a forest is pretty common in the city. The streets may suddenly lead you to places where nature thrives.

Spreading across 3000 hectares of land in southwestern part of the city, Grunewald Forest is a magnet for outdoor sport enthusiasts and nature lovers. Being in the forest is an experience on its own.

Berlin draws quiet the attention with eco-friendly projects. Trees filled with books in Mitte leaves people with awe. You can literally find tree trunks shaped into shelves and filled with books. No worries though, only the already-cut-down tree trunks are used for the project.

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